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Ernest Gaines in The Daily Advertiser

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Remembering Dr. John Wharton Lowe

Honoring the Life of Dr. John Lowe

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Event: First Drafts: Exploring the Ernest J. Gaines Center's Manuscript Collections

Join the Gaines Center in welcoming three fantastic panelists to explore a different approach to creative writing in

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Ceremony for the Ernest J. Gaines Commemorative Forever Stamp

Attend the U.S. Postal Service's Ernest J. Gaines Forever Stamp first-day-of-issue dedication ceremony.

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On Sept. 28, 2014 The Advertiser ran an extensive piece on Ernest J. Gaines and the 50th anniversary of Catherine Carmier​. An extended look at the article with videos and pictures can be found at The Advertiser.

Photo credit: Paul Kieu, The Advertiser