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" A Black American cares, and will always struggle..." literary representations of historical disenfranchisement tactics and the fight for Civil Rights By Cheylon Woods

Cheylon -- Tue, 03/09/2021 - 9:27am

In the novel The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, Dr. Ernest J. Gaines creates the main character, Jane, who has lived through every historical event to happen to African Americans in the South. Jane functions as a living history book that provides personal reflections on American Slavery (the Antebellum Era), Reconstruction, and civil rights, and the Civil Rights Movement in rural South Louisiana.

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Treasures in the Ernest J. Gaines Collection by Andrie Morris

Cheylon -- Tue, 11/24/2020 - 12:54pm

To what extent is it possible to get inside the creative mind of a writer? No single source can unequivocally take us to the core of the literary imagination that draws us to it. But if we take as a helpful starting point materials once held in the writer’s possession and gifted to a repository of their choosing, we will feel closer to an answer.

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"To Lie with Those Who Have No Marks: Mount Zion Cemetery and the Preservation of a People" by Jordan J. Richardson

Cheylon -- Thu, 10/29/2020 - 10:21am

Dr. Ernest J. Gaines is internationally known as the author of The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman and A Lesson Before Dying. He authored additional award-winning novels and short stories that became made-for-television movies. Though fictional, Gaines' novels and short stories take place at the forefront of several historical events. Through his words, Dr. Gaines preserved a way of life for African American, Cajun and Creole tenants and sharecroppers in Oscar, Louisiana.

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